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Genuine Aboriginal designs mostly from M&S fabrics, many  no longer available elsewhere.

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For over 15 years we have been supplying quilting and patchwork enthusiasts with mostly Australian Aboriginal fabrics.

These fabrics are genuine designs by aboriginal artists who receive a royalty for their work. Many describe the "Dreaming" of their family group - the oral and pictorial tradition passed down through the generations.

These are genuine 100% cotton materials which have been used for clothing and framed as artworks as well as their use in patchwork.

 M&S fabrics  are 42/44 inches (107 cms) wide.

All fabric is sold by the metre. All other items are sold as described.

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See our gifts at:
Highlands Handmade Gift Shop
374 Argyle Street
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in the lovely Southern Highlands of NSW 

These include cushions, bags, tablemats and other items made from Aboriginal fabric.

Please email for a quote for cushion covers made from aboriginal or any listed fabric. Standard sizes, inserts readily available from your local stores.





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